June 15, 2024


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The experience of swimming with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta – Aquaventuras Park Beaches are one of the favorite destinations of travelers. But who would have thought that there was a beautiful beach hidden in the rock?

This hidden beach is located on Marieta Island, just off Puerto Vallarta. This beach is named Playa del Amor which was formed due to volcanic activity in the area.

During the 1900s, this uninhabited island was originally used by the Mexican government for military purposes. For decades, activities have been carried out that destroy the flora and fauna of these tropical beaches.

Fortune began to favor Playa del Amor when scientists led by Jacques Cousteau managed to convince the government

Mexico to make this place a protected national park. Residents of the inhabited islands around Marieta Island finally took advantage of this island by renting out boats to make it easier for tourists who would visit there.

When you visit there the activities in Puerto Vallarta, don’t forget to see the beauty of Playa Del Amor Beach, because it is one of the unique natural wonders that you should not miss. Just imagine, there is a giant rock with a hole in the middle like a donut. Well, in the middle there is a white sandy beach caressed by the waves.

Where do the waves come from? The seawater seems to be coming in from a fairly large crevice. At the same time, this cleft connects the waves inside this hidden beach with the Pacific Ocean beyond this rock.

This condition is similar to Bali Island in Indonesia. Playa del Amor Beach is completely hidden and covered in rocks. No wonder this beach is also known as Mexico’s hidden beach.

To get there, tourists enter through a 27-meter water tunnel that connects to the Pacific Ocean. You also don’t need to wear diving equipment, because there is a distance of 2 meters from the surface of the water to the ceiling of the coral tunnel, so tourists can breathe freely.

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The most stunning and fun place to Swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta. This island is in the waters of the Caribbean, south of Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is a destination for tourists who want to do underwater adventures. Many tourists come to Puerto Vallarta to swim with the dolphins. In addition, you can also enjoy the panorama along the beautiful coastline.

These are the most fun places to swim with dolphins. Including dolphin lovers and having a large traveling budget, you can choose one of these destinations.

Puerto Vallarta is also a dream for overseas travel. And imagine it or not, Puerto Vallarta has the biggest amount of annual travelers from Canada, the United States, and Spain, In extra, hotel bookings in Puerto Vallarta also surpass the number of bookings at other famed Mexican traveler destinations, such as Playa del Carmen and Cancun.

If you are imagining shifting your routine and traveling around to a brand new place, Puerto Vallarta is a perfect alternative. To be more believable, in this blog we will consider the best suggestions for getting a reasonable vacation.