October 1, 2023


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My spouse forbids me to vacation, even with our children

Expensive Amy: I have been married to my partner for 29 years. He’s a excellent father to our grown youngsters and a fantastic partner to me.

Amy Dickinson 

Just one detail presents me a good deal of nervousness and results in heated arguments: I would like to visit my spouse and children and buddies in Greece, wherever I am initially from.

He does not have as a great deal time off from work as I do, and he dislikes using prolonged trips. He’s a homebody.

I have extra time off from work, and I have the time and the indicates to vacation to my homeland for a go to.

My partner and I have arguments in excess of me traveling with our children or likely absent with my girlfriends for a couple of days.

He normally guilts me or makes me worried to go, and often he even threatens me with a divorce if I go. We end up acquiring massive fights about this.