December 4, 2023


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Is Hummus Really Healthy for You? Click Here To Find Out!

It Helps In Digestion And Maintaining Of Intestinal Health

First things first. The showstopper ingredient of hummus, chickpeas aren’t only a versatile and tasty part of the pantry. A great source of fiber, they also make hummus great for the digestive system. With this in your diet, your gut can get rid of harmful bacteria while also promoting the growth of bifidobacteria which comes with its many benefits. This sounds like a total win-win for us.

It Leaves You Feeling Full And Satisfied

Eating food that is not only healthy and tasty but also prevents you from bingeing later is the dream. Lucky for you, we’ve found the right fit for you. Well, hummus is full of fiber and protein that leaves you feeling satisfied after eating. To add on, chickpeas in hummus help with the breakdown of carbohydrates and slowing down their absorption in the gut. This means that your bloodstream will receive sugar slowly and steadily! What’s more?

The dietary fiber spikes up the levels of cholecystokinin that make you feel full, while also reducing the ghrelin levels, responsible for making you feel hungry. This, certainly, leads to weight regulation. Based on a survey, people who consume hummus regularly are less likely to gain weight by about 53 percent.

It Has Anti-Inflammatory And Antioxidant Properties

Now, let’s hear what others in the mix have in store for our health. To start with, olive oil is an essential ingredient in hummus comes with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, which happens to be great for your heart health.

Moreover, tahini which is another prime ingredient in hummus helps with a type of inflammation that can cause arthritis. Lastly, our star ingredient, chickpeas are known to reduce blood markers of inflammation, contributing to better health overall.

It Is Packed With A High Nutritive Value

Organically gluten- and dairy-free, hummus comes packed with iron, vitamin B, phosphorus, and folate. This proportion helps in reducing the risk of cancer, heart diseases, and prevents anemia too. These nutrients that you get from each ingredient in hummus also contribute to boosting your overall energy levels. Now, isn’t that one too many reasons to add this zesty delicious meal to your diet?

Who knew that one bowl of hummus can bring so many health benefits to the table! But, it does and that’s only good news for us and our Arabian-themed dinner parties. So, the next time you’re curbing off junk food, remember that hummus lies on the opposite deck and you keep them coming.