April 14, 2024


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Deltona, food truck suppliers even now doing work on recipe for laws

Deltona resident Josh Wiley owns a food truck business that specializes in gourmet potatoes. Wiley has attended recent city meetings to provide input on an ordinance the city is developing to address when and where mobile food vendors may set up shop in the city.

DELTONA — 4 months following a workshop on regulations for food trucks, Volusia County’s most significant city is continue to performing on building an ordinance absolutely everyone can roll with.

The Town Fee voted unanimously throughout its most current standard conference to table the ordinance right up until March 21 just after some commissioners, meals truck proprietors and residents expressed dissatisfaction with the ordinance as proposed and the course of action of receiving there.

“I apologize for you coming out this night,” Mayor Heidi Herzberg claimed adhering to the two-hour dialogue on Jan. 18. “We are going to make it do the job for all of you.”

Deltona’s present stipulations for cellular foods sellers are scant and outdated. The code refers to “road suppliers” but doesn’t get into specifics relating to the preparation and sale of food.