May 30, 2023


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Blackpool restaurant Mr Basrai’s Environment Delicacies buffet offered stars for cleanliness

Mr Basrai’s Environment Cuisine, on the corner of Talbot Highway and Cookson Road, was handed zero stars for cleanliness when food protection officers turned up unannounced on March 22.

They recorded above 50 violations and warned Mr Basrai that authorized proceedings could be brought in opposition to him if he fails to make urgent advancements.

The comprehensive particulars of the inspection had been not produced community but the Gazette submitted a Liberty of Details ask for to Blackpool Council and we can now share their whole report.

Mr Basrai’s World Cuisine, on the corner of Talbot Road and Cookson Street, Blackpool was handed zero stars for hygiene when food safety officers turned up unannounced on March 22
Mr Basrai’s Earth Delicacies, on the corner of Talbot Road and Cookson Road, Blackpool was handed zero stars for cleanliness when food security officers turned up unannounced on March 22

This is what inspectors uncovered during their check out to Mr Basrai’s Earth Delicacies on March 22…

Foods hygiene and protection

  1. Personnel must use antibacterial, food items-harmless disinfectant / sanitiser to thoroughly clean and disinfect work surfaces and tools. Some staff members have been not conscious of how it was to be made use of
  2. The staff members demonstrated deficiency of knowledge when questioned about allergens, like the head chef who did not know what Coeliac sickness was right up until spelled out to him
  3. The hand wash basin opposite the kitchen entrance was not furnished with soap and hygienic drying services such as paper towels
  4. Sneeze display was cracked and covered with cling-movie which was dirty and greasy
  5. Raw meat following to packet pancakes, uncooked fish higher than cooked hen, raw sausages subsequent to cooked rice, frozen food items like nuggets left out on the facet
  6. Food was staying stored on the flooring of the kitchen where by it may well turn into contaminated
  7. Cooked chicken was being saved at space temperature in the kitchen area wherever it risked escalating food stuff poisoning micro organism
  8. Failure to ensure all stored ingredients had been kept in proper ailments to safeguard them contamination
  9. Uncooked fish fillets in one particular of the significant sinks
  10. Chocolate fountain left out from the evening before (still whole of chocolate)
  11. Ribs still left out on the aspect uncovered
  12. Yorkshire puddings saved in a filthy container
  13. Chicken parts left on a rack which was filthy and other rooster parts still left on the aspect uncovered
  14. Cooked rice remaining out to amazing


Blackpool Council's food safety inspectors recorded over 50 violations when they visited Mr Basrai's World Cuisine buffet restaurant in Cookston Street on March 22Blackpool Council's food safety inspectors recorded over 50 violations when they visited Mr Basrai's World Cuisine buffet restaurant in Cookston Street on March 22
Blackpool Council’s food items basic safety inspectors recorded around 50 violations when they visited Mr Basrai’s World Cuisine buffet cafe in Cookston Street on March 22
  1. Failure to offer total information about the allergens current in all of the dishes served
  2. The premises was not saved in a cleanse way and should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained in a thoroughly clean affliction
  3. The again doorways have been filthy and should really be comprehensively washed down and managed in thoroughly clean situation
  4. Mould and engrained dust on the yellow, brown, blue and eco-friendly chopping boards – cross contamination problems (all to be changed)
  5. Ground-in filth to knifes
  6. Filth to meat skewer which was on the ground underneath the wok-vary
  7. Soiled foods containers saved on the ground
  8. Dust and grease on wall surfaces, flooring, wash-up place, switches and handles, seals to fridges and freezers and plug sockets all through the kitchen
  9. Dirt and grease around kitchen area, together with ovens, microwave, fridges, tea towels and do the job surface
  10. All shelving in the kitchen area spot were being filthy and greasy
  11. Dust on the wash hand basin, taps, cleaning soap and towel dispenser
  12. Dust on the products wash sink and faucets in the pot clean place
  13. Dirt, grease and foodstuff debris on the door seals of the fridge and freezers
  14. The flooring in the kitchen and entrance cooking spots ended up filthy with dried on foodstuff particles and filth
  15. Soiled kitchen tools/utensils
  16. Dust and food stuff debris on the wooden rolling pin
  17. Filth and dried on foods to the oils and sauce bottles
  18. Dust and grease on the extraction cover units
  19. Dust and grease on gear (entrance, sides and back) which include the ovens and fryers
  20. Grease, dust and foodstuff debris on the Tandoori oven
  21. Dirt and grease on the bins in all locations
  22. Dust and food stuff particles on the legs of the do the job surfaces
  23. Dirty h2o at the base of two chillers
  24. Filth on the partitions and ceiling from the admirers earlier mentioned the pizza portion
  25. Grime and grease on the air-con units in all places
  26. Filth and grease on smoke detectors
  27. Grime and grease on the wok ranges
  28. Dust and dried on food debris to the grill stations
  29. Filth on the dumpling bamboo steamers
  30. Filth on the entrance counters
  31. Filthy and dusty ceiling and wall vents
  32. Food particles and dirt on the solitary wall faucet (also lined with filthy cling-movie)
  33. Filthy cleaning tubs with soiled drinking water and soiled scourers/cloths left all over the kitchen area
  34. Dirty yellow mop bucket and mop
  35. Dust and food items debris to the drainage gulleys on the wok-ranges
  36. Dirt to pot-wash wall, ground, sink and tea towels
  37. Areas of the tiled flooring in the company place ended up cracked and coated with cardboard

What do Blackpool Council say about Mr Basrai’s?

A spokesperson for Blackpool Council said: “We visited Mr Basari’s on Wednesday to carry out a compliance verify.

“Advancements have been built due to the fact we carried out the complete inspection in March.

“Mr Basari has requested a re-inspection, which will take location in the subsequent three months.”

The cafe house owners had been approached for remark.