June 18, 2024


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9 places to eat influenced by Vancouver, BC around the globe

Does Vancouver have a flavour?

Wait! Halt! Before you go lick Granville Street, let us explain.

Does Vancouver have a foodstuff or design of food items that is strongly involved with it? Outside of California rolls (which may perhaps have started in Vancouver but is named right after one more place) or the London Fog tea drink (which was started in Vancouver but is named just after a further position) or Chinese smorgasbord (which may possibly have started in Vancouver but is named following a different spot), what would be served at a cafe dependent on Vancouver?

Effectively, there are numerous restaurants about the globe primarily based on Vancouver or making use of the name and citing the metropolis as an inspiration.

To be truthful, in Vancouver there are various dining places named just after other cities, but it would make feeling. Tokyo in April features Japanese foods. Straight Outta Brooklyn Pizza is ‘a slice of Brooklyn in Vancouver’ (we are assuming Brooklyn, New York and not Brooklyn, a settlement in Newfoundland). And Carthage Cafe has Tunisian foodstuff.

So if somebody is opening a cafe named, say, Stadscafe Vancouver in, say, the Netherlands, what would it look like? Right here are nine Vancouver-themed places to eat, bars, and cafes situated outdoors of Canada. 

Stadscafe Vancouver

Coeverden, Netherlands

Often the authentic globe is a very little meta. In the city that, in a roundabout way gave its identify to Vancouver, there is a cafe named after Vancouver.

“The area and structure make the (eating) café quite acceptable for conviviality and atmosphere,” reads the Google translation of the restaurant’s description.

Amongst the dishes observed there are spare ribs, mussels, and “beer and burgers” (for some rationale it is really spelled in English in their advertisements).

They also have the Vancouver Pubquiz!

West 4th

London, England

Most likely the most specific reference to Vancouver on this listing, it can be named just after Kitsilano’s primary drag. When it was started off by a pair of Brits, they had some practical experience in Vancouver ahead of basing a cafe on it, having moved to the town in 2019 and doing the job in this article for a though, ahead of launching the cafe in London’s Fulham neighbourhood.

“‘West 4th’ is one particular of the most well-known, vibrant streets in Vancouver where by people today obtain to socialize following a day expended on the beach or snowboarding on a area mountain,” they say on their web-site. “We required to emulate Vancouver’s calm and helpful sense at West 4th.”

The posh menu contains a great deal of references to the two Canada and B.C., with issues like Kelowna Fried Cauliflower, Nanaimo Bars, and poutine.

A lot more nearby to Vancouver are the Maple Ridge Eggs Benny (an Eggs Benedict with maple treated bacon), a West 4th Burger (a burger with burger relish and applewood smoked cheddar), and the Kitsilano Beet Bowl (which requires beet tahini, spiralized cucumber, and mint whipped coconut yogurt).

Oh, and they use a Canada goose for the logo.

Kitsilano Burger Lounge

Mazatlan, Mexico

That is right, there are at minimum two restaurants that get their title from Kitsilano. And the two have burgers named following the neighbourhood.

Most likely which is considerably less shocking at a burger lounge. Below, the Kitsilano burger is on a Brioche bun (West 4th also did that) but this time it is a pretty easy cheeseburger, normally.

Though it really is named immediately after a neighbourhood in Vancouver, its strays from the B.C. topic a bit with other burgers named right after Venice, Singapore, and New York.

Oddly sufficient, the restaurant has shortened its name like the neighbourhood, but as a substitute of “Kits,” they went with “Kitsi.”

Vancouver Wings

100 areas, Mexico

Naming this area just after Vancouver is perhaps an odd way to recognize the inspiration. Founder Hector Becerra lived in Vancouver more than a 10 years in the past and preferred going to the pubs for wing Wednesday offers. A person working day he ordered wings on a Monday, and was not pleased with the rate change for his plate of wings.

When he moved back to Mexico he turned that into Vancouver Wings, and it’s turn into tremendous successful. At the cafe there are a couple points named soon after Vancouver, including a burger, very hot pet and a wing sauce (that premiums on the spicy facet of things).

Vancouver Espresso Roasters

Tokyo, Japan

Vancouvers adore of espresso is global, evidently.

On the outer edge of Tokyo sits Vancouver Espresso Roasters, supplying a little little bit of the Japanese Pacific coastline on the ocean’s western aspect.

“Sense like a VANCOUVER at home,” reads a Google translation of a person of their posts.

Judging by the photographs from inside of the store, it’d healthy right in with Vancouver, much too (though they are moving areas).


Flavor of Vancouver

Taichung Town, Taiwan

Probably all just one demands to know about this position is the Google translation of its tagline.

“Vancouver is great, let us introduce you from the tip of your tongue!”

There is certainly a variety of dishes on the menu, from Hong Kong and Japanese meals, to a couple “western” dishes (like fish and chips). That range is what the owners want to carry from Canada.

“This is what Flavor of Vancouver wishes to convey, so that you can flavor these assorted cultures from your taste buds. On our menu, you can see Japanese food stuff, Italian food stuff, Vietnamese food, and Chinese foodstuff,” reads a translation of its web-site.

Vancouver Terraza

Tomé, Chile

Why this area is named Vancouver is tough to say. V.I.A. reached out, but has not heard back.

It seems like a wonderful spot, with a terrace overlooking the ocean in central Chile with a menu featuring empanadas, burritos, and burgers.

And possibly it was not influenced by Vancouver it does appear to have a typical and vibrant nightlife, something this city is not known for. On the upside their pronunciation of Vancouver in Tome is amazing.

Gastown Café & Cafe

Saigon/Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, Vietnam

Whilst it doesn’t explicitly market Vancouver as an inspiration, its name references a Vancouver neighbourhood, one of the founders educated in Canada

It really is also arguably the most Vancouver position outdoors of Vancouver, from its craft beer menu to its menu selections (which array from poutine to udon dishes) to its ambiance, which mixes a great deal of greenery with motion picture posters and artwork.

Gastown East

Bellerive, Australia

It truly is so much east of Vancouver it truly is west.

Located on the Australian island of Tasmania, Gastown East normally takes its name from Vancouver’s oldest settler neighbourhood and inspiration from the location and state.

“Gastown East is a Tasmanian restaurant giving Canadian-affected drinks, brunch and a evening meal menu great for sharing,” states its web site.

That features foodstuff from about the world, which displays the immigrant history of the city, like hummus and bannock, perogies, and steak tartare.

Although not heavily affected by Vancouver specifically (though there are some B.C. scallops) they focus on Canada in common with a “Canadian Feasting Menu” and a “Hockey Puck” (which is a Canadian doughnut topped with cinnamon sugar and a single of a range of toppings like maple or Nutella.