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6 Essential Strategies For Beating Jet Lag In accordance To Flight Attendants

6 Essential Strategies For Beating Jet Lag In accordance To Flight Attendants

Jet lag can be a real, effectively, drag. It is caused by a new time zone not matching a person’s each day rhythms. Normally, this frustrating travel companion can have an affect on your rest, mood, focus, and even physical capacity. We asked TravelAwaits airline authorities how they overcome jet lag.

Meet up with The Industry experts

  • Kentrell Charles is a retired flight attendant whose typical worldwide route was to London, experiencing his share of jet lag.
  • Heather Earl is a retired professional flight attendant, but continue to usually takes to the air as a corporate flight attendant and own chef.
  • Lara Ketterman is a flight attendant based out of Phoenix and frequently makes transatlantic trips.
  • Nancy Lee is a flight attendant primarily based out of Los Angeles and has relished her work for more than 40 several years.

1. Rest

Our flight attendants vary on snooze patterns to prevent jet lag. Some say napping allows and others stay clear of it like the plague. In addition, one has an unusual form of nap she recommends.

Modify Dependent On Vacation Route

If you are traveling west, Lee implies to try out to keep up a minimal afterwards just about every working day and also take a late evening flight if feasible. When traveling east, like to Europe, she claims, check out to snooze a little bit earlier each and every night time in advance of your flight. The two of these support her with jet lag when traveling.


Earl has a magic formula weapon: the Nappuccino. For a transoceanic flight arriving in the early morning, as shortly as she comes at her layover resort, she orders a double shot espresso with a little bit of foamy milk on major. She heads to her space, sets her cellphone timer for 2 hours, and lies down for a nap. When the timer goes off, the caffeine kicks in and she is capable to get up and not sense groggy. She suggests the magic hour that you unquestionably ought to remain awake right up until is 9 p.m.

Lara Ketterman in the crew bunk area of a 777 on her way to London

Lara Ketterman in the crew bunk location of a 777 on her way to London

Photo credit rating: Lara Ketterman

Nap Vs. No Nap

Charles opts for a for a longer time nap. He will typically rest for 3–4 hours right after arrival and then remain up right until a standard bedtime. He has also labored with other individuals who prefer to use the time difference the day before travel to alter sleep, having, and every day pursuits if which is an possibility.

Now, Ketterman is an anti-nap kind of gal. She says napping leaves her groggy (her definition of jet lag!). She has located even a limited 2-hour nap will make her cranky and has an effect on her full evening of rest that evening.

Professional Idea: Ketterman variations her tune when it arrives to napping for the duration of the flight. She states flight attendants have crew bunks onboard for more time flights the place they can just take turns napping all through the lengthy hauls. This assists them remain refreshed and prepared to tour when they land. So napping all through a flight will support with jet lag.

2. Slumber Aids

Earl has a several slumber aids at her disposal for ideal sleep. She employs a silk eye bag and ear plugs to block out exterior stimuli while sleeping. If she transpires to wake up in the center of the evening, she utilizes a guided rest meditation audio recording to aid chill out and with any luck , drift again to snooze. She resists the temptation to rest late, even if she woke up during the night time.

Lee typically normally takes benadryl or melatonin to assist tumble asleep a little bit earlier each night time. She’s not a espresso drinker unless she desires to wake up early in the early morning. If you need to have to continue to be up, Lee says to pull out your cellular phone and start off scrolling. But do the opposite if you need to have to slumber. She also sets her area temperature to 69 degrees Fahrenheit and utilizes a white sounds application on her telephone. She endorses putting your cell phone on Do Not Disturb mode.

Lara Ketterman enjoying high tea in Princess Diana's Garden at Kensington Palace in London

Lara Ketterman experiencing higher tea in Princess Diana’s Back garden at Kensington Palace in London

Image credit: Lara Ketterman

3. Sunlight And Exercise

Our industry experts also recommend a very little vitamin D when you arrive at your place. Earl suggests tons of physical exercise and sunshine for the duration of the day will enable you sleep at night time. Ketterman is her crew’s honorary vacation agent. She schedules all kinds of routines to keep jet lag at bay. When in London, she’s scheduled bicycle tours, Jack the Ripper going for walks tours, Higher Tea at Princess Diana’s garden, and excursions of St Paul’s Cathedral. Ketterman says trying to keep hectic and becoming outside allows her sleep via the evening.

4. Hydrate

Hydration would seem to be a key weapon in the war from jet lag. Charles suggests he enjoys skim milk to maintain from starting to be groggy. He also avoids espresso the night just before his trip and he can’t emphasize h2o plenty of. He suggests consuming some in advance of, in the course of, and immediately after your flight. Also, if he has a cocktail just after arriving, he drinks a glass of drinking water for every libation he consumes. 

Earl and Ketterman suggest electrolytes and heaps of h2o. Earl doesn’t drink alcoholic beverages on the flight or the to start with evening of her arrival.

1 of Ketterman’s fellow flight attendants endorses Drip Fall Hydration packets or Liquid IV in a bottle of drinking water ahead of and right after the flight. She suggests it leaves her with zero jet lag and sensation completely ready to go. Ketterman questioned a further global flight attendant close friend and transatlantic commuter what she does, and her answer was “hydration, hydration, hydration.” She beverages a bottle of drinking water just about every hour she is in the air.

American Airlines snacks and beverages

American Airlines provides snacks and beverages to hold travellers hydrated through lengthy-haul flights.

Picture credit history: Lara Ketterman

5. Eat Healthful

There are surely foods that can enable you steer clear of jet lag. Charles indicates berries, bananas, and leafy greens. Foodstuff containing heaps of water, like cucumbers and watermelon, can also make a change. A New York Situations post implies an entire food program 2–4 days before you depart. In the short article, Dr. Charles F. Ehret shares his prepare for beating jet lag. The senior scientist at the Argonne Countrywide Laboratory in Illinois claims his diet regime plan “can greatly diminish or even eradicate solely the disruptive signs and symptoms of jet lag if you use his diet program to reset your internal clock in progress of your departure.”

6. Adjust To Area Time

Our experts also concur to established your body clock to the time zone in your spot. Ketterman suggests this is her amount just one way to combat the consequences of jet lag. She may well go to mattress previously than standard, but if she lands at 9 a.m., she tells her body it’s 9 a.m. and enjoys the begin of her trip. If she goes to bed early, she will choose melatonin. This can help her snooze by way of the night and wake up refreshed and all set to go.

Earl suggests acclimating to the community time for both of those having and sleeping. She does this via the length of her vacation. She claims it will help get your entire body into a cycle that will make it possible for you to take pleasure in each working day of your holiday.

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