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5 ideas for taming travel stress over the holidays

5 ideas for taming travel stress over the holidays

Editor’s Be aware: Dana Santas, known as the “Mobility Maker,” is a accredited power and conditioning specialist and thoughts-entire body mentor in professional athletics, and is the writer of “Useful Remedies for Back again Agony Relief.”


For many people today, vacation is a necessary component of celebrating the holiday seasons with loved ones. This usually means enduring all the nerve-racking hiccups that can appear with touring and shelling out time absent from the comforts of your own residence.

Every yr, my relatives kicks off the period by seeing the vintage comedy “Planes, Trains and Vehicles,” starring Steve Martin and the late John Candy. In it, the two adult males are strangers who finish up trapped collectively, dealing with a comically inordinate variety of journey-relevant difficulties whilst striving to get property for Thanksgiving.

There’s a good possibility your getaway vacation won’t get as sophisticated as Martin’s and Candy’s, but you may perhaps encounter delays, diversions and several hours of sitting that can consider a toll on you mentally and physically. So, whether or not you’re driving to Grandma’s for Thanksgiving or flying to see loved ones in one more region, test the 5 suggestions below to decrease anxiety and pressure so you can appreciate the vacations.

When you sit for prolonged durations although touring, your posture often suffers. Offered the personal partnership of your breathing pattern and your posture, slumping when seated prospects to shallow, immediate breathing, which incites your body’s pressure response. It is a vicious cycle that will increase bodily and psychological tension.

That is why it’s crucial to get command of your respiratory at least after an hour while traveling to help restore your posture and cultivate a feeling of serene. Taking just 5 or six very long, deep breaths while concentrating on obtaining your reduced ribs to transfer as demonstrated in this video clip can make a major variation!

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Enhance your breathing with these tips


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Just 90 seconds of deep respiratory elicits a leisure reaction that decreases your coronary heart level, blood strain and anxiety hormone generation, according to investigate.

People muscle mass cramps and achy joints you working experience on the street may possibly have a whole lot to do with your fluid ingestion. Considering that our bodies are largely h2o, hydration is important for appropriate joint lubrication and circulation. But your hydration level doesn’t just have an affect on you bodily. When you are dehydrated, it raises your body’s cortisol (principal worry hormone) amounts, which can direct to thoughts of anxiousness, exhaustion and in general irritability.

Holiday travel can cause tension, but you can ease stress with strategies like mindful breathing and walking breaks.

Your accessibility to ingesting h2o may well be limited even though traveling, so it is crucial to plan in advance. You simply cannot provide bottled water via Transportation Protection Administration checkpoints, and no 1 likes to shell out the exorbitant selling prices for bottles of drinking water at the airport. Thankfully, most airports have filtered h2o stations to refill bottles for no cost. So pack a reusable h2o bottle and, if you’re driving, really don’t forget to provide a cooler with water.

Even when you aren’t touring, the vacations make it effortless to come to be dehydrated. With all the festivities, we normally forget to drink as substantially drinking water as normal, especially when cocktails are flowing. But alcoholic drinks are no substitute for water mainly because they are dehydrating.

Alcohol suppresses pure production of the antidiuretic hormone vasopressin, which retains us from urinating far too substantially. Without the need of it, we find ourselves in the bathroom more frequently. Counter the dehydrating effects of liquor by ingesting a person glass of water for each cocktail.

Scientific studies abound relating to the health risks of prolonged sitting down, yet number of people today feel to make an hard work to avoid it even though touring. Searching all-around the airport, you are going to locate most anyone sitting down at the gate waiting around to get on their plane, the place they will inevitably stay seated for at the very least a few of several hours or much more.

Crack up bouts of sitting by getting edge of options to stand and walk about every time feasible. At the airport, consider a wander all-around your terminal. Some airports even have yoga rooms with public obtain. When touring by car or truck, locate a park or even a mall on your route where by you can get out and consider a 10-moment wander.

Tons of sitting down throughout journey also indicates compressed aspect midsection muscle tissues, overused hip flexors and limited minimal-back muscles. If you want to be extra comfy and keep away from ache when touring, you need to have to extend out individuals muscle mass any time attainable.

My go-to journey extend is the warrior hip flexor release.

Dana Santas demonstrates the warrior hip flexor release.

Here’s how to do it:

Stand to the suitable of a wall, chair or other steady surface. Place your still left hand on it for assist.

Stage your proper foot back again into a shorter lunge placement, dropping your back heel and pointing your toes out marginally, as proven.

Bend your entrance knee to align earlier mentioned your ankle, while your back leg stays straight.

Inhale as you lift your suitable arm up and around your head.

Exhale as you facet bend to the still left, sensation your left reduce ribs rotate inward.

Steer clear of arching your reduce back.

Hold for 3 very long, deep breaths. Repeat on the other facet.

Look at out the movie at the top of this story for a lot more physical exercises to battle the detrimental effects of sitting.

You may possibly be so relieved to get to your place that you believe plopping down in a comfy chair is all you need. But it’s even extra helpful to get your legs up above your coronary heart, which encourages venous blood circulation and allows lower decreased-body swelling.

The yoga pose known as

A excellent way to attain this is with the well-known restorative yoga pose recognised as “legs up the wall.” You can do this on the floor with your straight legs up the wall or with your knees bent and calves resting on a chair seat. If you really don’t want to lie on the ground, you can lay backward on your bed and place your legs up the headboard. Experience free to location a pillow or folded blanket beneath your head.

At the time in the situation, stay there a few minutes, getting some prolonged, deep calming breaths.

In addition to modifying your relationship with gravity to minimize rigidity, it’s important to get plenty of slumber. This is in particular genuine if you have traveled to a distinctive time zone. Operate in naps, if needed, to make up for any snooze deficits that could negatively influence your wellness and wellness.

Inspite of all the joys the vacations provide, it is important not to ignore the methods seasonal visits can inadvertently drag you down. Using the five tips above will assist preserve journey pressure at bay and your holiday break spirits high.